17.5.2019 - World Fire & Police Games

8.000 - 18.000 participants

80 countries

More than 60 sports Politie officers and firefighters

Retired officers

Opportunity for competitors, friends and family to develop and build friendships


Find out more on:




https://www.facebook.com/ WorldPoliceFireGamesRotterdam/?epa=SEARCH_BOX Twitter:


Author: Gasper Bizjak

17.5.2019 - Second day in Porto!

It is a second day of the FEU conference in Porto. Our invited speakers were off with a great start of the day. From Guidance Methodology by Nicola Rupp, followed by World Fire and Police Games by Wim De Rooij. Next on the agenda was an Officers Leadership Development Programme Workshop, leaded by our delegate Stephan Wevers. We are looking forward to hearing presenation from Lucia Vilarino and Cor Martin Cucalon who will represent fire service in Latin America & Caribbean.

Author: Gasper Bizjak

16.5.2019 - FEU Conference in Porto has started!

Dear colleagues,
our first conference in 2019 has officially started. Delegates from all over the Europe have gathered in Porto.
We are looking forward to interesting discussions regarding the current status and the future of Fire Service in Europe.
As well as we are looking forward to the FEU roadmap that will be summarised and discussed during the meetings. 
For more information please LOG to our internal area and check documents.

Author: Gasper Bizjak

16.5.2019 - FEU Conference in Porto

Dear colleagues,
On behalf of our host Pedro Rios, I am very pleased to send you all the registration procedure for the upcoming FEU council meeting 2019-1 in Porto from the Wedsnesday evening 15th of May till Sturday noon the 18th of May.
For more information please LOG to our internal area and check documents.

Author: Gasper Bizjak

24.11.2018 - FEU 02/18 Meeting in Tartu

More info available for logged in users.






14.11.2018 - EU Parliament makes public warning mandatory



14 November 2018, Strasbourg – The European Parliament just voted on a legislation to update the way emergency calls are managed in the European Union (EU). The telecommunications legislation –European Electronic Communications Code, or EECC– is one of the most important for European safety with provisions on public warning, emergency location, accessibility and more.

Read more here.

Author: EENA

10.9.2018 - Drones & Public Safety Summit

The potential benefits of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) during emergencies are undeniable. But few emergency services organisations are using drones in their everyday operations.

That’s why we are happy to invite you to the 1st edition of the “Drones & Public Safety Summit” on 20 September 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. Join the event specifically designed to debate and discuss the latest issues and trends in the sector.

Registration is free of charge!

You can register here.

Author: Gasper Bizjak

19.5.2018 - FEU 01 /2018 in Rome

Colosseum Rome

The first FEU Council meeting of 2018 takes place in Rome from May 24th to May 26th. Our local host Maurizio Alivernini of the APVVF has finalised all of the arrangements. The documents for the meeting are available on the internal area of the website. Please log on to access them. 


Author: Secretary

8.11.2017 - FEU Conference, 08.11-11.11.17 in Athens

Our second conference this year is taking place in Athens.

Visit our social pages in order to get in touch with latest results.


Author: Gasper Bizjak

17.5.2017 - FEU Conference, 17.05-19.05.17 in Oslo

First FEU conference this year is taking place in Oslo, Norway.

If you would like to be updated, please follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/feuorg/) or Twitter @FEUorg.

You might refresh this website now and then as well. Interesting materials will be published here as well.

Stay safe & stay tuned!


Author: Gasper Bizjak

12.5.2017 - 2nd Conference of the Heads of Fire and Emergency services of the European Union Capital cities



At the end of last week, the second meeting of the EU capital FRS was held in Zagreb, Croatia.

Conference was organised by Firefighters Association of the City of Zagreb and Zagreb Fire Brigade.

With this conference they want to continue the great work initiated last year in Paris. All activities are carefully planned, coordinated and supported by the commander of the Paris Fire Brigade.

Conference was this time entitled “European capitals: common challenges – firefighters far beyond firefighting”. The purpose of this conference was to continue with sharing experience and solutions in everyday challenges firefighters and emergency services has to cope with.

Guiding idea is that EU capitals cope the same risks and threats as they are the political, economic and cultural center of each of our countries. Therefore, the fire and emergency services issues are very similar and for that reason we put accent on common challenges and common solutions to better protect the life of our citizens.

Conference was attended by representatives of 16 cities.

FEU was invited to present at this meeting. For this purpose Tomaž Kučič, Ljubljana Fire Brigade CFO, who attended the conference, gave a presentation on FEU. He gave an information about FEU organization, FEU values, Vision 2020, Challenges for the future. He exposed a motto – Together we are stronger, because only in this way we will ensure »A safer Europe for all«.

At the end Croatian colleagues were kindly invited to next FEU Council meeting in Greece. They promised to come!

Author: Tomaz Kucic

5.10.2016 - FEU Council meeting 02/2016 from 13th to 15th October in Budapest

Our second FEU meeting of 2016 takes place in Budapest from Thursday 13th October to Saturday 15th October. The agenda and documentation are available to delegates in the internal area of the website. Please login to obtain access to the documents for the meeting.

Author: Secretary

25.7.2016 - Caller location dramatically improved!

In one of the biggest news of the industry in the last years, Google announced today that all Android phones in the world, from Gingerbread OS version onwards, now include Advanced Mobile Location (AML), an emergency call-based location solution.


Why is it needed?

70-80% of emergency calls in Europe originate from a mobile phone but caller location information provided to the emergency services is often inaccurate and delayed, with Cell-ID being the most widely used solution. Despite the increased use of smartphones, handset-based location information is not being optimised. Until now!

“This development will drastically improve emergency caller location.” said Gary Machado, EENA Executive Director. “I want to congratulate Google for this achievement, and thank them for our great cooperation during the last months.”


How does it work?

When an AML-enabled smartphone recognises that an emergency call is made, it activates the phone’s location services, including GNSS and Wi-Fi, and sends the caller’s location information to the emergency services (to an SMS or HTTPS endpoint) automatically before turning the location services off again.

Caller location accuracy is improved up to 4,000 times compared to the Cell-ID solution, with 85% of calls being located in a radius of less than 50 metres*.


How can the emergency services benefit from AML?

AML is easy to implement, requires minimal investment and is available everywhere. For a country to implement it, emergency services and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) simply need to activate the service by providing an endpoint where the data will be sent to and retrieved by the Public Safety Answering Point.

“We encourage the emergency services and mobile network operators to act now and implement this powerful tool which can save lives in their country.” added Gary Machado.

Estonia and the United Kingdom are the first two countries to have fully implemented AML and its citizens are benefiting from the technology.


Check it yourself!

Do you have an Android phone? Go to Settings > Applications Manager > Google Play Services (or equivalent in other languages). If your phone runs the 9.0 version or higher, you have an AML-enabled smartphone.

Google and EENA are available to support its implementation. For more information, you can contact Gary Machado at gm@eena.org.

* Data based on results achieved to date


Useful information

Overview of EENA’s work on Advanced Mobile Location – Available here

Google announcement – Available here


Source: http://www.eena.org

Author: Gasper Bizjak

1.7.2016 - FEU Conference in Barcelona - Summary

We have gathered in Barcelona for our first official FEU meeting in 2016. Delegates from all over the Europe are hosted by Barcelona Bombers at Espai Bomber organised together with ATPB (Asociacion Profesional de Tecnicos de Bomberos).

Our first day was dedicated to internal topics, followed by open discussion about sharing best practice, use cases and knowledge through the FEU online platform and social media channels. Afterwards we have digged into the results and current status of the EmerGent project, where FEU plays an important role. Following program included presentation of potential use of Drones during the emergencies and presentation of the system where emergency text message using common alerting protocol (CAP) is transformed into the voice message.

Our second day was dedicated to presentation and discussion about the recent attack in Brussels, followed by Catalunya FB and Barcelona FB presentations.

More to follow.




Join us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/feuorg/)

Follow us on Twitter: @FEUorg


Author: Gasper Bizjak

13.3.2016 - Safe Accommodation Conference 31 March - 1 April Bled Slovenia

Safe Accommodation Conference 31 March - 1 April 2016 Bled  Slovenia


Author: Chris Addiers

13.3.2016 - Tunnels Safety & Fire Protection 7-8 April 2016 Amsterdam Netherlands


7 - 8 April, 2016 Crown Plaza South,

Amsterdam, Netherlands














































































Business Development Manager

Tyco Fire Protection Products , Sweden





Tunnel: Safety & Fire Protection

th th 7 - 8 April, 2016

Crown Plaza South, Amsterdam, Netherlands



Tony Cash is International President of the Rail Industry Fire Association. A Fire, Safety and Emergency Planning Specialist

with considerable experience of a broad range of safety regulatory activities gained from over 30 years’ experience of

public transport, chemical, pharmaceutical, military and aviation industries, his accomplishments include the management,

development and maintenance of requirements related to safety management systems, aircraft crash, re and

rescue emergency & contingency planning, research & development, safety analysis and investigations. Signicant

projects that Tony has been involved with include the design, supply, installation and commissioning of water supplies

for reghting in the Channel Tunnel, the Jubilee Line extension, Piccadilly Line extension and arrangements to secure

the safety of many International Airports and passenger terminals. Tony is a Chartered Chemist (Fellow of the Royal Society), a European

Chemist and a Fellow of Institution of Fire Engineers and a member of the British Standards Institute and NFPA International.

Aurelio Rojo, PhD Electrical Engineer, has developed his professional career in the Railway sector, particularly in Metro

of Madrid, where his led of expertise became related to re protection and safety management aspects. Since 2009 he

has and continues to be the President of APICI, Spanish Fire Protection Engineering Association. As Director of Operations

for Metro Madrid, he was responsible for the development of the Safety and Security Programs in a network of

300km and 350 stations, mostly underground between 1994-200 is currently is Co-Director of the Masters in Fire

Protection Engineering and professor on the Railway Masters at the School of Engineering of the Pontical University of

Comillas in Madrid, Spain, where he has had the opportunity to deal with complex conceptual models that need to be contemplated in the

design and then in operation of metro systems with high levels of safety and security.


The International Fire Academy is Europe‘s leading re academy for instruction and training in underground transportation

facilities. An expert team delivers the Swiss tunnel training in the heart of Switzerland, a country known for its

manytunnels, using a training concept that has been specially developed for the purpose and which enjoys extensive

support. At the heart of the re academy are two unique, gas-red tunnel exercise facilities in the Swiss towns of

Balsthal and Lungern, in which students can be deployed and trained on a 1:1 basis. Previous positions: Head Maintenance

and Technique, PRIMUS AG March 2004 – December 2008, Binningen, Switzerland Responsible for 55 employees,

which make service and maintenance on re extinguishers around Switzerland. Additional was Markus Vogt part of

development about technic and extinguishing agent, new products or improvement existing products.

Head of Safety and Security, Local Government Allschwil May 2000 – March 2004, Allschwil, Switzerland As head of Safety and Security in the

local government of Allschwil (20’000 habitants), Markus Vogt was responsible for the re brigade, the local civil defence and the administration

of military service. Instructor Civil Defence, Civil Defence Organisation City of Basel March 1994 – September 2001, Basel, Switzerland.

Engineer Mainframe Computer, IBM Basel June 1985 – March 1994, Basel, Switzerland Swiss Military Service, Education as Ocer July 1983 –

June 1985 , Education as Mechanic, BBC Münchenstein August 1979 – June 1983, Basel, Switzerland.



Nicole is a Partner of Fire3 llp and the Director of Fire Safety Engineering at Mosen Ltd. She has been involved with the

re safety industry for 30 years, and has been involved in developing re strategies mainly for the transport industry,

ranging from such projects as the King's Cross LU station, Crossrail, HS2, the 2nd Avenue Subway in New York and the

high speed rail tunnel in Hong Kong. Nicole is a Chartered Fire Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Fire Engineers;

as well as a Chartered Mathematician. She is a committee member of the Rail Industry Fire Association (RIFA) and leads

the working group looking into rolling stock re size. She is also a member of the World Road Association and its

Working Group 3 - Human Factors for Road Tunnel Safety.

Ÿ Speakers from over 10 dierent countries Ÿ 20+ industry

expert keynote presentations

Ÿ 80 + Tunnel professionals attending

Ÿ Real life case studies

Ÿ Interactive sessions with industry leaders

Ÿ Explore re protection for Metro/Road/Railway Tunnels

Ÿ Engage and learn the dierence between Normal Fire

Fighting & Tunnel Fire Fighting

Ÿ Update on the latest PIARC guidance

Ÿ Focused Panel Discussions

Ÿ More than 5 hours of networking




Tunnel: Safety & Fire Protection

th th 7 - 8 April, 2016

Crown Plaza South, Amsterdam, Netherlands

David den Boer is director of Peutz BV and consultant in the eld of re safety engineering, tunnel ventilation and

Computational Fluid Dynamics. David is involved in the design of safety concepts for a variety of buildings and

infrastructure and more specic the design of smoke extraction systems in tunnels. An important contribution was made

to the renovation projects of the metro systems in Rotterdam and Amsterdam where in commission of the national

government a safety framework was developed. David is secretary of the board of the Dutch Association of Fire Safety




Jose Manuel Marcos is Director of the International Division and head of customer service and project development at

Mercor Tecresa. He is in charge of conducting projects in Europe, Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, Latin America and

North Africa. He is an expert in the eld of re protection on general building construction, public works and infrastructure,

as well as on buildings requiring protection under hydrocarbon res, such as tunnels and the petrochemical

industry. The most recent structural re protection projects that Jose has been involved with include the International

Conference Centre of Algiers in Algeria, the Marina Coastal Expressway 482 Tunnel in Singapore and the Al Salam Street

Tunnel in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


to tunnel re in EU project UPTUN and for the Accident Investigation Board Norway on in-depth interviews of road users trapped in the

Gudvanga tunnel re 2013. He was appointed expert on Tunnel Safety and Egress (US – ASHTOO 2007)and was recently consultant to Texas

Transportation on R&D on Emergency Exit Signs & Systems in the revision of guidelines for US Highways. He is currently involved in a 3 year

project on underground development in Singapore Psychology & Fire Safety and consultancy on the world's longest twin tube sub-sea tunnel

Rogfast 26.5 km

Dr. Jenssen's goal is to use knowledge of underground psychology , driving behavior and re emergency behavior to

improve Road Safety, Comfort of driving and Quality of Life. As project manager for special safety measures in the

world's longest single tube tunnel (Lærdal 24.5km) and the world's longest twin tube tunnel (Qinling

mountain 2x18 km) in China. From 2013 -2015, His work on the special artistic lighting in the Lærdal tunnel was awarded

with the Norwegian Lighting Award (2001) and the Nordic Lighting Award (2002). He has worked on Human response

to tunnel re in EU project UPTUN and for the Accident Investigation Board Norway on in-depth interviews of road users


Until November 2015 Les represented the UK on the WRA (PIARC) International Technical Committee C3.3 Road Tunnel Operation, Chairing the

Fire Safety Working Group reporting to the Committee.

Following a career in the Fire Service, Les joined London Bridge Associates in 2005 providing practical knowledge of re

safety, emergency planning, dealing with re and understanding of re development. This knowledge has been applied

on tunnel schemes for A303 Stonehenge design, A3 Hindhead construction and operation,

Holmesdale, Bell Common tunnels refurbishments on the M25, Hateld tunnel on the A1, the A55 Tunnels North Wales

Tunnels, Transport for London Tunnels and the Ca Pass Tunnel design Vietnam. Also developing and providing training

tunnel for operational staV and coordinating emergency exercises at the Haivan tunnel in Vietnam.

In conjunction with the architects Weston Williamson, Graham has been involved in the design of 4 Crossrail re-ghting intervention shafts

including the production of the Stage F Fire Strategies and production of re risk assessments

Graham has almost 40 years of experience in re safety beginning in 1975 with his work as a deck hand on North Sea

trawlers and developed through his 30 year career with South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service which he completed in

2009. Graham is regularly called upon to carry out specialized re risk assessments, develop re strategies

and to advise on re safety compliance. More recently for Network Rail and Crossrail contractors Costain Skanska and

ATC on various projects such as the C610 t out strategy and both Bond St and Paddington Tube stations re emergency

plan evaluation and production of the site re risk assessment.




Tunnel: Safety & Fire Protection

th th 7 - 8 April, 2016

Crown Plaza South, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Head engineer (at the administrative authority) for the management and development of the road tunnels in Norway

(tunnel manager for the Norwegian tunnels). Following up the responsibility to the administrative authority for tunnels

in all phases including early studies, planning, construction and the operation phase. System owner for

the operation and maintenance system in the NPRA. Working extensively with questions of how to build, operate,

maintain and manage in the future (research and development). Norwegian representative in the road tunnel safety

committee in the European Union, Directive 2004/54/EC on minimum safety requirements for tunnels. Chairman of WG3

"Operation and maintenance in Road tunnels", in The Nordic Road Association (NVF). And other network, advisory boards and committees.

Experience from both the client, the contractor, the consultant and the public road management side. Last 5 years in the Norwegian Public

Roads Administration (NPRA).



Fireghter since 1976, Master in Education and Development from Danish Education University 1982 Ocer in Danish

Emergency Management Agency 1982 Safety Manager Danish Electrical Agency 1986 Senior Fire Ocer Greve Municipality

1989 Fire Chief Stubbekobing Municipality 1999 Fire Chief Thule Air Base Greenland

Contingency Manager Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI) 2004 Fire & Rescue Manager Metroselskabet


Ÿ Develop Emergency Plan and Crisis Management Plan

Ÿ Educate Management in Crisis and CORPORATION with Authorities

Ÿ Practical Training of Incident commander from Fire Brigade & Police

Ÿ Incident Commander and investigator by accident on several work sites

Ÿ Trac accident investigator

Ÿ Coordinator of "Best practice" - Lesson / Learn

Fluid Mechanics Engineer with twelve years of experience. In charge with dierent re safety studies for private

companies and authorities. During the last 5 years, two main activities:

Ÿ Modeling: 3D re simulation and development of methods in Fire Protection Engineering such as Coupling of re

development and

structural behavior for warehouses and in Design Fire such as a 2 step modeling method to simulate vehicle re in

conned space.

Ÿ Experiments: large scale experimental campaigns such as 800 m² warehouse re or 25 m² heptanes pool re.



Tony Lemaire is a specialist in modeling and simulation of re and smoke spread, including smoke ventilation. He has

been involved in several large (European) Research Projects with regard to Fire Safety in Tunnels (UPTUN), External

Flaming and Integration of CFD codes with FEA codes. He is a member of CEN/TC127/WG8 “Fire Safety Engineering”.

After his study in Applied Physics, Tony acquired 16 years expertise in developing and using CFD software as HVAC

consultant and researcher. From 2000 on he specialized in modeling of res in enclosures, for example tunnels, car parks

and underground spaces. As a consultant at Efectis he contributed to the design of smoke ventilation systems in a

number of road and rail tunnels, including four tunnels of the Dutch High Speed Line.

Demetris Constantinou studied Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering with focus on Fluid

Mechanics and Transport Processes. His work experience includes positions In Engineering Design, Project

Management and Business Development Management in Water & Waterwater Engineering, Renewable

Energy, Construction and Fire Safety. Currently he is Business Development Manager for FirePro Systems -

Manufacturer of FirePro Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems.



Dr Fathi Tarada is the founder and managing director of Mosen Ltd, and the chief executive of Haerter Ltd, a subsidiary

of Mosen Ltd. He is a leading expert in re safety engineering, tunnel ventilation and Computational Fluid Dynamics,

with design, review and operations experience in buildings and infrastructure worldwide. He is the inventor of the

energy-ecient- MoJet® tunnel ventilation system, and has submitted a dozen patent applications in the eld of

mechanical engineering.Fathi is the Secretary of the World Road Association (PIARC) Technical Committee on Tunnel

Operations, an international body which sets standards for tunnel operations and safety.



Tunnel: Safety & Fire Protection

th th 7 - 8 April, 2016

Crown Plaza South, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Working history, more than 25 years as a Civil Servant ocer and infrastructure expert :

Ÿ From 2011 Senior Ocer in Finnish Transport Agency’s investment unit

Ÿ From 2005 Civil Servant in the Finnish Public Roads Administration in Häme district and in the Centre for Economic

Development, Transport and the Environment, Pirkanmaa region

Ÿ From 2002 Civil Servant as an designer and road inspector in city of Valkeakoski

Ÿ From 1995 Civil Servant as an designer ocer in city of Loviisa

Ÿ From 1988 Structural Designer and supervisor in the private sectors engineering oce

My work experience includes various infrastructure projects, such as bridge and road projects, water supply systems and port engineering

structures. Mostly as a project owner and tasks are related to the administration and project management.

Also I have been participating some development works nationally and internationally. I am a member of the Nordic Road Associations

strategic planning and road structure divisions and just recently I was asked to join also the road tunnel division.



Mechanical engineer with over seven years' experience, responsible for supervision and execution of ventilation and

others auxiliary systems at MetroRio. Currently responsible for design validation, project executing, equipment testing

and commissioning for ventilation systems operation. Responsible for the project execution of ventilation

and mechanical systems in the construction of Uruguai Station, Rio de Janeiro's Metro Line 1 northbound extension

(2014), a project recipient of engineering awards for structural and technological development


Mechanical engineer with fteen years' experience, coordinator of a multi discipline engineers' team which executes

construction, P-way, equipment and mechanical systems' projects at MetroRio, Rio de Janeiro's Metro system


Jens Classen started his career at the Tunnelling Department of Company Züblin of Germany, where he soon

became a tunnel engineer working on job sites in Germany and abroad. In 2000 he became Chief TBM Manager for

a 9,4m Herrenknecht TBM when a Joint Venture including Züblin secured the contract for the southern lots of the

Loetschberg Base Tunnel in Switzerland, the rst of the many planned transalpine rail tunnels. In 2003 he

transferred to CSC Construction Company of Switzerland who was then a partner in the Joint Venture TAT, which

worked on the southern lots of the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

He became production manager for the lots Bodio and Faido, being responsible for the excavation, again using 2 Herrenknecht TBMs, and

parallel inner lining of 50km of running tunnels, as well as 90 cross passages and 4 crossover caverns. After 8 years on the project Jens Classen

left the site after the nal breakthrough and joined Herrenknecht (Switzerland) Ltd., the world leader in TBM manufacturing, as a consultant

for hard rock tunneling and site management. In this period he was also in charge of the Business Development for Mining and Hydropower

projects. In June of 2013 he joined TOTO General Contractors of Italy as Head of the Mechanized Tunnelling Department.

Tunnel: Safety & Fire Protection

TH DAY 1 | 7 APRIL, 2016


8.30 Registration and Tea

Opening remarks:

Abeed Rhemtulla, MD Enigma Group

9.10 Opening and Welcome Remarks by the


Tony Cash, Chairman


9.30 Keynote Speaker:

Aurelio Rojo, President

APICI, Spain

Fire Protection and Safety for Metro Tunnels

What have we learned from our past? Some best


Ÿ Comparison: new & old metro systems Challenge

Ÿ How to deal with emergency situations?

Ÿ Investigating benets by using IT intelligent new

technologies and computer modelling

Ÿ What is the right way forward?

Dr Fathi Tarada, Managing Director

Mosen Ltd, UK

Sustainability and safety in tunnels.

Ÿ Latest PIARC guidance on sustainability in tunnels

Ÿ Balancing considerations regarding sustainable

operations and tunnel user safety

Ÿ Selection and operation of tunnel ventilation and

lighting for sustainability

Ÿ Financial impacts of sustainable approach (initial and

operating costs)

Case studies on safe and sustainable tunnels


10.30 Jose Manuel Marcos, Director International Division

Mercor, Spain


11.30 Andrew Mckinlay Magic

11.40 Q & A sessions

Demetris Constantinou, Business Development

Manager, Fire Pro Systems, Cyprus





Dr Nicole Homann, Fire Safety Strategist

Ceng Cmath Firee Fima, UK

Fire Strategies

Ÿ Tunnels and their individuality

Ÿ The Strategic Plan

Ÿ The Tactics



Jens Classen, Director of Mechanized Tunnelling


Toto Spa Costruzioni Generali, Italy

Operation, maintenance and safety procedures of the

longest 2-tube highway tunnel in Europe

Graham Green, Rail Tunnel Safety and Fire Safety

Consultant, UK

Fire safety issues encountered in the Fit Out Stage

Ÿ Underground Stations Interface Hoarding; Fire Safety


Ÿ LFB requirements during Fit Out stage

Ÿ Fire-Fighting Intervention Shafts; re safety design


Ÿ Tally Hut / Central Control / Electronic Monitoring of

contractor location

Ÿ Is it also for Evacuation &/or Ventilation?


4.45 Closing Remarks by Chairman


4.15 Roundtable Discussion on key topics

Markus Vogt, Head Consulting

International Fire Academy, Switzerland

Tactics and Education for Tunnel Incidents

Ÿ Dierence between“normal reghting” and tunnel


Ÿ Time: you can't win time but you can save time with

education, training, handling, system, tactic &


Ÿ Communication

Henrik F. Nielsen, OHS Manager – Fire & Rescue

Metroselskabet & Metropolitant Tramway, Denmark

Planning of rescue scenario in tunnel – where do we


Ÿ How to make a Preperness plan for accident in tunnel.

Ÿ Special tunnel - special Equipment

Ÿ Train The Trainer - how to make a overview of

Fireghter Education


Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression Technology –

How it can help improve Fire Safety in Tunnels.

General requirements for passive re protection in tunnels

Applicable normative / protocols

Fire protection solutions developed by Mercor

Passive re protection in tunnels




Tunnel: Safety & Fire Protection

TH DAY 2 | 8 APRIL, 2016


8.30 Registration and Tea


Opening and Welcome Remarks by the Chairperson

Tony Cash, Chairman






9.40 Mauri Makiaho, Project Manager

Finnish Transport Agency, Finalnd

Risk assessment and Road Tunnel safety

Ÿ The road tunnel and re safety solutions

Ÿ Risk assessment

Being prepared before traccic input



Tony Lemaire, Senior Project Leader

Efectis, Netherlands

Tunnel ventilation design optimization for real re


Ÿ New developments in tunnel ventilation design

Ÿ Design and verication of pressurized smoke free

escape routes

Ÿ Eects of opening of escape doors on tenability


Ÿ Interaction of ventilation in two tubes

Ÿ In situ measurements of pressure proles and smoke

propagation to escape routes

4.40 Closing Remarks by Chairman

10.10 Speaker Vendor



Guillaume Leroy, Fire Safety Expert

Ineris, France

Ÿ Design re in tunnel

Ÿ Energy carrier under investigation

Ÿ Impact of energy carrier on design re


12.40 Q & A sessions


3.45 Andrew Mckinlay Magic

Panel Discussions

4.50 Please take 5 minutes to ll out the feedback forms

provided as part of the conference pack.

Arild Petter Sovik, Senior Principal Engineer

Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norway

Actions undertaken in Norway after four mayor

incidents in long single tube tunnels

Ÿ Experience with the recent tunnel res in Norway

Ÿ Strategy and measures for the vulnerable tunnels –

long single tube tunnels

Ÿ Upgrades in Norwegian tunnels (800 – 1000 mill. EUR)

Ÿ Expectations to the industry

Keynote Speaker:

David den Boer, Director

Dutch Association of Fire Safety Consultants, Netherlands

Ÿ Simulation of smoke transport. Reliability and acceptance

of CFD calculations

Ÿ Smoke transport and smoke control

Ÿ Design of smoke extraction systems

Ÿ Quality and reliability of CFD simulations

Ÿ Development of best practises

Natalia Pereira & Andre Carvalho

Mechanical Engineers, Metrorio, Brazil

Ÿ How does the ventilation system work?

Ÿ Environmental and project challenges with civil

restrictions during line extension implementation

Ÿ Interface problems related to others systems and

lessons learned

Ÿ System commissioning and technical accepting


CASE STUDY: Primary Fan System in existing tunnel

for safety, comfort and re control.

Gunnar Jenssen, Tunnel Psychology

Fire Safety & Egress, Norway

Fire Safety in long tunnels –beyond current


Ÿ Self-evacuation,

Ÿ Emergency evacuation signs and systems

Case studies

Les Fielding, Tunnel Safety & Fire Safety Consultant

London Bridge Associates Ltd, UK

PIARC 2015 FFFS in Road Tunnels Current Practice

and Recommendations

Ÿ Types of FFFS

Ÿ Design factors and considerations

Ÿ Maintenance and testing

Ÿ Research and analysis




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week before the date of the event. By signing this contract, client agrees that in case

of dispute or cancella of this contract ENIGMACG will not be able to gate

losses for any less than 50% of the total contract value. If, for any reason, ENIGMACG

decides to cancel or postpone this event, ENIGMACG is not responsible for covering

airfare, hotel, or other travel cost incurred by clients. This event will not be refunded,

but can be credited to a future event.

DATA PROTECTION: Client confirms that it has requested and consented to

ENIGMACG database to used by ENIGMACG and passed to selected third to

assist in communica which may be of interest to the client.

COPYRIGHTS etc: All intellectual property rights in all materials produce or

distributed by ENIGMA CG is expressively reserved and any unauthorised

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Upon receiving the signed registra form, the client hereby consent to ENIGMA

CG to keep your details for the use of future mark carried out by

ENIGMA CG and third party & organisa partners.

CLIENT hereby agree that this contract is valid, binding & enforceable; and client has

no basis to claim any payment under this contract at an are improper, disputed

or unauthorised in anyway.

In the event that

To Register Contact

Tel: +44 203 769 7910

Fax: +44 207 183 0083

Email: bilina@enigma-cg.com

Bilina Patt



Position: ______________________ Department: _____________________

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Company Reg No: _____________________GST No:_______________


Card Number:

(All payment must be made within 5 working days from the invoice date)

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(last 3 digits on the back of the card)

Valid fro / Expiry Date /


Payment can be made via :

 BANK /TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER (Overseas delegates may pay by

Telegraphic Transfer


Card billing Address: ______________________________________________

City: ___________________________ Postal/Zip Code:__________________

Position: ________________________________________________________

Card Holder’s Signature:__________________________________________

Card Holder’s Name :____________________________________________


7th - 8th April, 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands



Tunnel: Safety & Fire Prot

th th 7 - 8 April, 2016

Crown Plaza South, Amsterdam, Netherlands





899 €

Author: Chris Addiers

13.3.2016 - UL's 4th European Fire Forum 26-27 April 2016 Vienna Austria

UL is once again announcing the Annual UL European Fire Forum. This is UL’s 4th year and the event will be held in charming city of Vienna, Austria. Once again, UL will bring together experts from around Europe and the U.S. to explore current and future issues of impact to all of us involved in building and fire safety.

The forum will include educational presentations, followed by panel discussions, with plenty of time for questions and dialogue. Two special themes will be covered:

• Revisit the three main aspects of building and occupancy safety:

Alarms; Suppression; Compartmentation

• Building Protection Systems –

Should Owners Specify a Higher Level of Safety than the Minimum Construction Codes?

Join us to review and discuss the US and European views and approaches on following topics and many more:

• Disaster Management / Community Risk Assessments

• Sprinkler Testing and Installation Requirements

• Tall Wood Buildings and Testing of Wood

• Testing and Regulation relating to Fire Walls

• Fire Alarm Systems and Fire Detection Devises

Registration is FREE

Space is limited.


The Grand Hotel Vienna is located in the city center of Vienna near the Kärntner Ring, This is in the immediate vicinity and walking distance of the Vienna State Opera, the famous Kärntner Straße and St Stephen's Cathedral. So, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to visit the city and enjoy all it has to offer. This year’s evening event will include a tour to Vienna´s famous Heurigen, which you will see what the classic Viennese atmosphere is really like. It has an atmosphere of fun, laughter and music. For centuries this is how the Viennese have been enjoying their casual and comfortable place to get together.

Grand Hotel Vienna

Kärntner Ring 9 1010 Wien Austria

Hotel Front Desk: +43 1 515 80 - 0

Hotel Fax: +43 1 515 80 - 10

Hotel Email: info@grandhotelwien.com


The early booking rate will be approximately 294.00 euros per night for a double room, single use. The early booking rate for a double room, 2 persons will be 319,00 euros. Early booking rates will end March 19, 2016. The rate includes breakfast, W-Lan, use of Business and Fitness Center.

Later bookings will be at a higher price.

In case you would like to stay in another hotel, please feel free to utilize your favorite booking engine to arrange your accommodation.

To book your room in Grand Hotel, please fill in attached room booking form and send directly to Ms. Pfefferer via email: jpfefferer@jjwhotels.com or by fax: +43 1 515 80 – 0.

Please note: Accommodation under the early booking rate is reserved on a first come, first serve basis.


Start time on April 26, 2015 is 08:00 AM; the event will run until 16.30 on April 27, 2016.

Additional information will be provided once you have registered for the event.

For any question regarding the UL Forum, please email Silke Deichmann at Silke.Deichmann@ul.com.

Author: Chris Addiers

13.3.2016 - Fire Sprinkler International 18 April 2016 in Munich Germany

Fire Sprinkler International 2016  18 April: Munich, Germany: a one day symposium presenting the latest research and perspectives on Fire Protection for a Changing World.

More information can be found on the symposium website: www.nfpa.org/munich.

Author: Chris Addiers

31.10.2015 - FEU Council meeting 02/15

The agenda and timetable for our next FEU Council meeting to be held in Vienna from November 19th to 21st has now been finalised. A list of the delegates attending is also available for your information.

FEU delegates attending should log on to the private area of the website to get access to the documents.

If you have difficulty with login, contact the webmaster at webmaster@f-e-u.org.



Author: Finian Joyce, Secretary

11.10.2015 - Consultation on European Statistical Programme

FEU has made a submission to the European Commission on the Public consultation on the extension of the European Statistical Programme (ESP) 2013-17 to 2018 -2020

A copy of our submission can be found in the internal area of our website.

Author: Finian Joyce

18.9.2015 - Int. Safety Seminar on 21-22. OCT, Malmo, Sweden

ISES 2015 - A conference for anyone working with fire prevention and safety!

21. - 22. October 2015 in Malmo, Sweden


For more information check flyer with click here.

Author: Gasper Bizjak

10.9.2015 - AEME Expo and Conference 10-12 May 2016 in Macao

AEME (Asia Emergency Management) Expo and Conference 10-12 May 2016 will take place in Macao (HongKong).

For further information please visit: www.aemexpo.com 

Author: Gasper Bizjak

10.9.2015 - SFE conference from 6-8 April 2016 in Dublin

SFE (Sustainable Fire Engineering) conference from 6-8 April 2016 in Dublin (Ireland)


Join us in Dublin to explore and examine more closely Sustainable Fire Engineering in an informal, multidisciplinary environment with a focus on real-world practical solutions! 

Click here for more information and registration.

Author: Gasper Bizjak

10.9.2015 - BARTA Conference: 3-5 December 2015 in Prague

Following growing demand from vets and emergency responders across Europe, we are pleased to announce that BARTA will be holding its first ever Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Congress in Prague from December 3 - 5 2015. 
The vision for Prague 2015: 
- Promote a joined up approach to the effective management of all situations that involve animals;

- Provide opportunity for emergency responders and veterinarians throughout Europe to explore new concepts;

- Gather consensus for future development in relation to fire safety, equine ambulance design and stress management of large animals;
- Develop relationships and sharing of best practice amongst the international animal rescue community. 
This is an opportunity for everyone involved in large animal rescue or trauma care to come together and discuss the latest developments, share ideas and find out how the UK developed a multi-agency joined-up response to incidents involving large animals. 
For more information please click on this link.

Author: Gasper Bizjak

28.5.2015 - FEU Council meeting 01/2015 - preparations almost finalised

Working documents for our FEU Council meeting in Hamburg from June 4th - 6th are being uploaded to the private area of the website. Please login to access these. If you have any presentations or reports yet to submit please return them to FEU secretary in advance of the meeting.

The final agenda and meeting timetable are also available together with the social programme and list of delegates attending.

Author: Finian Joyce, FEU Secretary

24.5.2015 - Exchange of Experts - Article in Spanish Magazine

This is the article about the “Seminar of the Exchange of Experts” in the magazine of Bombers.

You can go into the web on this link:

Click here for PDF!


Francisco Javier Echeverría Iriarte

Oficial de Bomberos

Agencia Navarra de Emergencias

Gobierno de Navarra

Author: Gasper Bizjak on behalf of Francisco Javier Echeverría Iriarte

19.4.2015 - Exchange of Experts Conference in Barcelona March 2015

FEU delegates from 12 countries attended the Exchange of Expert conference organised by the APTB in Spain to discuss models of fire service delivery in Europe. Copies of the presentations made by the FEU delegates are available in the internal area of the website.

A survey of aspects of fire service delivery in each of the 12 countries is also available in the internal area of the FEU website under documents.


Author: Finian Joyce - FEU Secretary

19.4.2015 - FEU Council meeting 01/2015 in Hamburg 04.06 - 06.06.2015

The first FEU Council meeting of 2015 will take place in HOTEL BOETTCHERHOF from 4th - 6th June 2015

The registration form is available for delegates in the internal area. See documents section. Please login first.

The draft agenda is also available in the internal area documents section.


The timetable for the meeting and other additional information will be available soon

Author: Finian Joyce - FEU Secretary

6.12.2014 - Special attention for the Working time directive public consultation

Your contribution to the PUBLIC CONSULTATION ON THE REVIEW OF THE WORKING TIME DIRECTIVE (Directive 2003/88/EC) is requested from 01.12.2014 – 15.03.2015


The main purpose of this consultation is to gather insights and contributions from the public in the context of the ongoing review and impact assessment process concerning the Working Time Directive and possible changes to the Directive


Further information can be received via


Author: Dieter Nuessler

13.10.2014 - Press release from FEU 02/14 meeting in Poznan

The official press release from our second FEU Council meeting for 2014 held in Poznan Poland  from October 9th - 11th is now available on the FEU website

Author: Finian Joyce and Paul Walker

16.9.2014 - Participate in Online-Survey: Social Media in Emergency Management

Dear all,
I want to inform you that the FEU is partcipating in an European Research project dealing with the use of Social Media within our emergency response organisations.
Please find hereafter an inivitation letter and the link to a survey which was launched yesterday.
I would very much appreciate if you would feed this information into your communication channels.
The survey is adressed to individuals not associations.
Here comes the invitation text:

Survey: Potentials of Social Media in Emergencies


Dear Sir or Madam,

Events such as the Central European Floods in 2013 have shown that the collaboration between citizens and authorities can be of high importance during crisis situations. In recognition of this, the EU research project “EmerGent” aims to explore possibilities and concepts for supporting this collaboration through social media and technology. The overall objective of EmerGent is to understand the positive and negative impact of social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in emergencies in order to enhance the safety and security of citizens before, during and after emergencies. For this, concepts and technical prototypes will be developed which will enable emergency services to receive information from social networks, to evaluate it and, if applicable, to integrate it into their decision-making processes and emergency responses (for details visit: www.fp7-emergent.eu).      

Our project is guided by practical research: First we want to find out what emergency services really need and what the situation is like at the moment via a very short online survey which will only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

We are interested to know whether you have already had experiences in collaborating with citizens via social media, what problems you have experienced, and what you think the role social media could play in future crisis management. Your input and feedback will guide the development of technical prototypes, which we hope will be of relevance to you and your organization and will be further developed through testing and redevelopment.

Please be reassured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous and treated in strictest confidence, and the results of the survey in anonymized form can be accessed on the project website or emailed to you.

We would be very grateful if you would support us in answering our questions:

Please visit http://www.fp7-emergent.eu/survey/



Dr. Dieter Nuessler

Author: Dieter Nuessler

10.9.2014 - Critical Communications News – European Public Safety community response to Pascal Lamy report

European Public Safety organisations have issued a joint response to the report by Pascal Lamy on the future use of the 700MHz band. The main text (click here) is followed by strong statements from the leaders of each organisation underlining the importance of sufficient harmonised spectrum for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR).


Author: Gasper Bizjak

12.7.2014 - FEU General Council meeting 02/2014 in Poznán, Poland 9.10. - 11.10.2014

The meeting will take place in

Hotel PARK



Registration form available for delegates only in the documents section. Please login first.

Time table  and additional information will be available soon.

Author: Dieter Nuessler

12.7.2014 - Video from FEU General Council meeting in Westport, Ireland

CFO Seamus Murphy hosted the first General Council meeting 2014 in his home county Mayo, Ireland in the charming city of Westport on behalf of the Irish Fire Officers Association CFOA. 

The meeting was well prepared and organized. A variety of invited speakers from research, business, associations and EU projects attended the meeting and gave interesting reports about the current status of their activities. 

Here is a video that was filmed during the meeting.

We hope that it will help to promote even greater awareness of FEU and our activities. Please feel free to circulate it among your colleagues in your countries

Visit www.facebook.com/feuorg to see pictures and comments from the event


Author: Gasper Bizjak

26.5.2014 - FEU is partner in in the FP7 project EmerGent about Social media use in Emergency Management

FEU participates in the FP7 project EmerGent which aims at enhancing the physical safety of citizens before, during and after emergencies

The project was launched 1 April 2014. 

Visit the website http://www.fp7-emergent.eu to learn more about aims and objectives of the project.

FEU was responsible for the deliverable D3.2 which you can read here

Author: Dieter Nuessler

26.5.2014 - Support our initiative for better Mission Critical Data Communication

We need the support of all emergency services for the postion paper you find here

The Worl Radio Conference 2015 is the only opportunity to get sufficient bandwith for Mission Critical Data Communication.

We want and must take advantage of the most modern data transfer capabilities for maps, databank contents, pictures, videos, dispersion calculations and alike which are already offered to some extent on private networks 

We cannot rely on private networks in the extraordinary circumstances we would have to save lives and protect goods (storms, flooding, major fires, explosion, ...). Experience shows that privat networks often fail and/or are overloaded under these circumstances, e.g. Hurricanes Sandy and Kathrina, earthquake in Haiti, etc..........

Currently we have only to rely on Mission Critical Voice Communication, e.g. TETRA, TETRAPOL.

Author: Dieter Nuessler

19.9.2013 - Successful Presidents meeting of CFPA(E), CTIF and FEU in Turku (FIN)

In August, 2013, the anniversary of 175 years of fire fighting in Finland was celebrated in Turku, western Finland. The National CTIF Committee decided to include an international element in the “Fire Brigade in Finland 175 Jubilee”. The Committee invited to Turku the presidents of CFPA-Europe, CTIF and FEU – the leading European and international umbrella organisations – to discuss the organisations’ potential for collaboration as regards improving the safety and security of Europe and Europeans. The meeting, the first of its kind – ­­but certainly not the last, may very well be described as historical.

The conclusions of this meeting you can find here

Author: Dieter Nuessler

11.7.2013 - 112 Awards Ceremony 2014 - call for applications now open

Call for applications


Each year, the 112 Awards reward outstanding individuals and organisations particularly engaged in improving and promoting the European emergency number 112.  In 2014, the winners will be honoured at the 112 Awards Ceremony organised in conjunction with the EENA Conference in Warsaw, on 2 April 2014.

Who can participate?
We invite emergency services or citizens from all over Europe to embrace the challenge and participate in the competition in order to bring to the limelight their major contributions to saving lives.


Which are the categories?
The 112 Awards intends to recognise and congratulate individuals and organisations which have shown evidence of extraordinary behaviour and/or results and/or achievements in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Call Taker / Dispatcher
  • Outstanding Citizen
  • Outstanding Education on 112
  • Outstanding Emergency Call Centre
  • Outstanding National 112 System Reform
  • Outstanding Rescue
  • Outstanding Use of Social Media

How to enter?

If you wish to apply or to have one of your partners applying, please return this application form from http://www.eena.org/view/en/112events/Awards/awards2014.html duly filled in by 15 August 2013 to lc@eena.org.

Author: Dieter Nuessler

9.7.2013 - First PSAP Quality Certification Programme in the world launched by EENA

8 July 2013, Brussels - The European Emergency Number Association (EENA) has launched the first Quality Certification Programme in the world specifically for Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). The Programme is all-inclusive, regardless of the different structures or missions of PSAPs throughout the EU and is open for application from all PSAPs.

In an effort to help the emergency services and specifically PSAPs to measure their quality of service to the citizen, EENA has designed a unique Quality Certification Programme. The programme is using the same principles of the ISO9001:2008 Quality Standard, the ISO19011 Quality Management System standard and the CEN 15838:2009 standard for Contact Centres as a reference point. In order for a PSAP to be awarded the EENA Certificate of Quality Standard, a specialised audit will be carried out by independent experts, assessing the PSAP against both qualitative and quantitative criteria.  

"During its time in operation, EENA has been observing all facets of the emergency services chain across Europe and this has given us an unparalleled insight into the different methods, standards and practices employed by PSAPs. It is with this knowledge that the first certification programme in the world dedicated to PSAPs is devolved from and we believe that the Certificate of Quality Standard will further reinforce the excellent work being done by PSAPs all across the EU", says Tony O Brien, Deputy Executive Director of EENA.

Request your copy of the standard!

If you are not a PSAP and you want to receive a copy of the Standard, please contact Tony O Brien at  tob ad eena.org

Author: Dieter Nuessler

23.4.2013 - Winners of the 112 Awards for a safe life, revealed in Riga

Winners of the 112 Awards for a safe life, revealed in Riga

The European Emergency Number Association rewarded 8 emergency services and citizens

17 April 2013, Riga - The 112 Awards Ceremony revealed its winners. 8 awardees from Croatia, Finland, France, Latvia, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania walked off with top honours rewarding their commitment to promote and improve the European emergency number 112.

The 112 Awards Ceremony was a night to remember for the around 300 participants (emergency services representatives, international organisations, representatives of the European institutions, solution providers) who came to raise a glass and show their gratitude and support to the winners.

Held in conjunction with the EU Emergency Services Workshop, the 112 Awards Ceremony concluded the quest for outstanding initiatives in the field of emergency services and rescue. Applications from all over Europe were submitted in the categories of the competition and a panel of 5 independent experts assessed them before the EENA members gave their final vote. The winners of the 112 Awards 2013 were announced:

• The outstanding call taker is from Slovakia
• The rescue efforts of two citizens from Latvia and Poland were considered to be outstanding
• The outstanding eCall was deployed in Croatia
• The outstanding emergency call centre is in the Netherlands
• The outstanding 112 education initiative came from Romania
• The outstanding national 112 system award went to Finland
• The outstanding NG112 initiative was implemented in France

See more on


Author: Dieter Nuessler

13.2.2013 - ESENet – Emergency Services Europe Network - launched (www.esenet.org)

The ESENet (Emergency Services Europe Network) Coordination Action aims at establishing a network of stakeholders in the Emergency Management domain that will identify, discuss and agree on needs, requirements, new technologies and best practices in responding to everyday as well as to major emergencies.

The improvement of the European capability to respond to everyday emergencies and guarantee the safety and security of citizens in case of major emergencies and disasters requires a significant step forward in the integration of existing systems at several levels.

The efficient response to everyday and major emergency situations needs a greater level of interoperability between Emergency services in many different aspects of the process. Such needs range from the ability of communication devices to interoperate to the ability of systems to exchange data and information up to the harmonization of procedures and policies.

If you are interested to participate do not hesitate to contact the project coordinator

Dr. Uberto Delprato
IES Solutions Srl
Tel: +393466367499
Email: u.delprato@iessolutions.eu

Author: Dieter Nuessler

5.12.2012 - Ford SYNC® Emergency Assistance - online training for call takers

Ford has presented the Ford SYNC® Emergency Assistance capability at the FEU meeting in Protaras/Cyprus in 2011. As part of the current launch of the SYNC Emergency Assistance feature Ford is providing an informational website for emergency service professionals to help with the education about the system. The website is available in 20 languages and is located at the following URL:

Author: Dieter Nuessler

10.11.2012 - Göran Schnell - Honorary Delegate

Göran Schnell, former Swedish delegate and first elected chairman of FEU received the status as Honorary Delegate at the opening of the FEU Council meeting 2/2012 in Amsterdam.

He received the award from current FEU president Dieter Nuessler



Author: Dieter Nuessler

30.4.2012 - Exclusive: Chief fire officers, European Vision 2020

CFOA President Lee Howell reflects on the launch of the European Fire Strategy Towards a Safer Europe, which took place in March 2012 in Brussels.

Read full article.

Author: Lee Howell

30.4.2012 - A Safer Europe for all, Cllr Ansari launches EU-wide fire fighting campaign

The Federation of the European Union Fire Officer Association (FEU) is an independent professional body that represents the interest of 2.7m fire fighters from 22 EU Member states and aims to improve fire safety and offer expertise to European bodies in matters concerning the development of fire brigades and fire safety in Europe. Councillor Doris Ansari (ALDE, UK) recently hosted an event at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels that launched a campaign being organised by the FEU called "A safer Europe for all". She explains the role of the FEU and tells us about the campaigns aspirations.


Read full article.


Author: Cllr Doris Ansari OBE JP
Cornwall Councillor Truro Tregolls.

17.3.2012 - FEU successfully launch 2020 Pan European Fire Strategy -

FEU successfully launched its 2020 Pan European Fire Strategy in Brussels on Thursday March 8th. It was attended by FEU members and other invited guests from nine European countries.


Pictured from left to right: Mr. Per Billing, Deputy Director, DG Echo, CFO Lee Howell, UK, CFO Seamus Murphy, Ireland, CFO Carmel Kirby, Ireland, Cllr. Doris Ansari, Committee of the Regions, UK, Dr. Dieter Nuessler, President FEU, CFO Marcello Serpieri, Italy, CFO Chris Addiers, Antwerp, Belgium, CFO Olli-Pekka Ojanen, Finland, CFO Gerald van Klaveren, Netherlands, CFO Finian Joyce, Secretary FEU, Ruud Jonkman, Honorary member, FEU, Jochen Blaette, President German Fire Protection Association 

The launch was facilitated by UK Committee of the Regions member Cllr. Doris Ansari and the UK Chief Fire Officers Association. Speakers at the launch included Cllr. Doris Ansari, FEU president Dr. Dieter Nuessler, UK CFOA President Lee Howell and CFOA Executive Director Des Pritchard. Mr Peter Billing, Deputy Head of Emergency Response Unit of DG Echo provided the closing remarks and offered the support of the EU Commission to the FEU in delivering on the objectives of the strategy.

 To download a copy of the 2020 Vision Fire Strategy, CLICK HERE!

Author: Finian Joyce

11.2.2012 - 11 February is the 112 Single European Emergency number day

Take advantage of the film on youtube to make the 112 more known as the Single Emergency call number

Author: Dr. Dieter Nuessler

26.1.2012 - Safehotel - an idea becomes reality

The number of hotels applying for the Safehotel star label for excellent fire safety in hotels is permanently increasing The Sheraton, Frankfurt, Germany is the first US-brand hotel which received the Safehotel star in January 2012 The most important European hotel chain ACCOR has included the Safehotel concept into their fire safety policy launched on 1.1.2012 See the full list of Safehotel star hotels on www.safehotel.org

Author: Dr. Dieter Nuessler

26.1.2012 - I kindly welcome you on our new website!

Dear FEU colleagues,

Our new website is finally online. After a huge struggle, I was able to complete all tasks regarding the programming, domain transfer and server settings.

I will provide usernames and passwords in the next few days. If you would like to have @f-e-u.org email account, feel free to notify me. All comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

Best regards!

Author: Gasper Bizjak

16.12.2011 - Int. Safety Education Seminar at Helsinki Convention - Report

Finnish Association of Fire Chiefs organized the International Safety Education Seminar on the 11th – 12th of October at Helsinki Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Download report here







Author: Gasper Bizjak

16.11.2011 - Multicom 112 Extension Project wins EU Language Label Award 2011

At recent ceremony in Dublin on September 26th the Multicom 112 Extension project won this prestigious award for the most recent Multicom 112 project that was sucessfully completed in Sept 2010. Finian Joyce CFO and FEU Secretary accepted the award on behalf of the Project partners. The project partners came from Ireland, Germany, Slovenia, Finland, Norway, Basque country and Lithuania. Congratulations to all involved on this project.

Author: Finian Joyce

26.7.2011 - International safety education seminar

11-12 OCT 2011, HELSINKI

Welcome to international safety education seminar in Helsinki on the 11th - 12th Oct 2011. Seminar is organised as part of international safety and security fair FinnSec 2011.

Objectives of the event

The aim of the seminar is to enhance discussion about the methods of safety education on international level and to unify conceptions of safety education. Safety education in integration of migrants and social media as a tool of safety education are also important subjects. Seminar of safety education is an excellent occasion for networking between authorities from different countries. Participants are also offered a chance to attend the international safety and security fair.

Target group

Target groups of the seminar are safety and rescue authorities and everyone interested in safety education.

Time and place

11 - 12 Oct 2011 @ Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre, address: Messuaukio 1 (Map)


Finnish Association of Fire Chiefs organises the event in co-operation with FEU (Federation of European Union Fire Officer Associations) and co-operative safety education working group of Finnish rescue services.


The participation fee of the seminar is 90 euros per person including lectures and meals/snacks marked on the program.

Registrations cancelled less than 7 days before the event are charged 50 % of the price per cancelled participant. We charge the full price for registrations that are not cancelled.

The participants book their accommodation themselves. There is a quota of rooms reserved for seminar participants in Holiday Inn Helsinki hotel, which is situated alongside Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre. Reservation deadline is 5 Sep 2011 by tel +385 9 150 900 or through internet. Refer to ”SAFETY EDUCATION SEMINAR” while making your reservation by telephone.

The price:

Standard single room 163 € / room / day
Standard twin room 190 € / room / day

Room prices include buffet breakfast, possibility to use sauna in the morning and in the evening and free use of hotel gym. Accommodation is paid on arrival.

Terms of booking: Hotel reserves the room on the date of arrival until 4 pm. If you arrive after 4 pm, you should confirm the late check-in with credit information or address information of the organisation. Confirmed booking can be cancelled free of charge until 4 pm on the date of arrival.


Registration deadline 2 Sep 2011: www.sppl.fi/safetyeducation. The seats in the seminar are reserved in chronological order and electronic confirmation of the registration is sent to those registered.

More information

For more information contact our Training and Communication Coordinator Veera Heinonen, veera.heinonen@sppl.fi, +358 440 340 112


Veera Heinonen Training and Communication Coordinator The Finnish Association of Fire Chiefs Iso Roobertinkatu 7 A 5, FI-00120 Helsinki, Finland Tel +358 440 340 112 Fax +358 9 2522 9222 www.sppl.fi

Author: Veera Heinonen

17.4.2011 - First hotels in Austria certified with Safehotel star

Gartenhotel Pfeffel Dürnstein and Loisium Spa&Wine Resort, Langenlois are the first Austrian hotels which received the Safehotel star. The initiative was taken by the Austrian Safehotel-partner BFBU (Beratungsstelle für Brand- und Umweltschutz)


Author: Dieter Nuessler

12.6.2010 - First hotel in Spain certified with Safehotel star

Meliá Castilla Madrid is the first Spanish hotel which received the Safehotel star. The initiative was taken by Fundación Fuego in close cooperation with the Spanish member of the FEU - APTB.


Author: Dr. Dieter Nuessler

30.9.2011 - Safehotel Star in 4 Countries


Author: Dr. Dieter Nuessler

Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations