1.1 The organisation shall be known as the Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations, hereinafter and generally referred to as FEU. FEU is a non-profit organisation of Luxembourg right.
1.2 The domicile of FEU is in Luxembourg as noted at Annex 1.
1.3 Written communication with FEU shall be done with the current Secretary as noted at Annex 1

2.1 AIMS
2.1.1 The principal aim of FEU is to enhance fire safety and provide expertise to European bodies in matters concerning the development of fire brigades and fire safety in Europe and especially in respect of organisation and management, structure; technical skills, training and fire engineering so as to gain the most effective, efficient and economic means for mitigating the loss and damage to life, property and national economies by fire, other emergencies (including catastrophic national disasters) and all related environmental issues.

2.2.1 To provide advice on the management, organisation, responsibilities, financing and structure of Fire and Rescue Services, to the European Union and to all other relevant organisations and to the constituent associations of FEU.
2.2.2 To express the opinion of FEU on any matter associated with civil protection, disaster management, fire safety, fire service management, fire fighting, rescue and other emergency operations.
2.2.3 To contribute to the scientific, engineering and technical development of all those matters identified in 2.2.2.
2.2.4 To promote appropriate levels of cross border co-operation between the brigades of adjacent countries.
2.2.5 To provide a forum for debate of matters of interest and the achievement, where possible, of common solutions.
2.2.6 To encourage the promotion of appropriate legislation to prevent and to mitigate the effects of fire, disaster and other emergency situations.
2.2.7 To improve communication by the exchange of information between the members of FEU and those with whom they wish to work.
2.2.8 To undertake, promote or support any other activity or organisation which FEU believes will assist the achievement of its objectives.

3.1 Shall comprise associations in Europe which are able, at national level, to include representation of the views and interests of career principal fire officers responsible for the strategic management of those matters identified in 2.1.1 and 2.2.2.*
* Annex 2 lists the national organisations from which membership shall be drawn.
3.2 State fire services may become associated members without right to vote
* Annex 2 lists the associated members
3.3 The General Council decides on the admission of new members. Such associations shall be able to become members of FEU subject only to them complying with its aims, objectives and obligations and the attendance of up to 2 General Council meetings with observer status.
3.4 The FEU must consist of national associations at least from 13 countries
3.5 Each national delegation shall be represented by a maximum of three delegates who should be serving career principal fire officers; be senior members of their respective national association(s) and be mandated to represent one national consensus view on any matter of interest to FEU. Each delegation shall be entitled only to one vote notwithstanding the number of representatives and/or associations forming its delegation to FEU.
3.6 The termination of membership may be voluntary or by resolution of the General Council if a member does not fulfil the obligations arising from this constitution.

4.1 Each member delegation and associated member shall be responsible for the payment of a subscription as agreed by the General Council.
4.2 The annual membership fee may not exceed 5000 EUR.

5.1 For organisational purposes the national representatives forming FEU shall meet as a General Council to direct the business arising from its aims and objectives
5.2 The General Council shall meet at least once a year and otherwise as determined by the level of activity necessary to meet the aims and objectives of FEU according to the FEU Standing Orders. The Secretary will communicate Notice of Meetings (normally by email) to delegates from each Member country at least four weeks in advance. The agenda and any ´┐ŻNotice of Motion´┐Ż will accompany Notice of Meetings.
5.3 The General Council shall accept as chairman a representative of the delegation of the host nation. The chairman's period of office shall commence from the conclusion of the immediately preceding meeting.
5.4 The General Council shall appoint a President and a Secretary for a period to be determined by the General Council; they are the management board.
5.5 The President and the Secretary shall:
- prepare an agenda for meetings in accordance with the wishes of Council and the proposals of national delegations;
- liaise with the host delegation about the logistical arrangements for meetings in the countries of various national members;
- carry out the directions of the General Council;
- conduct the administration of FEU;
- maintain liaison with the European Commission;
- maintain liaison with other fire related organisations operating at European level;
- express official statements of FEU
5.6 The Secretary shall conduct the financial business of FEU and prepare a yearly financial report
5.7 The General Council shall authorise any payment of costs or expenses from FEU funds and has to approve the financial report of the secretary.
5.8 FEU shall not be responsible for any costs or expenses of delegates.
5.9 Decisions of the Council shall generally be achieved by consensus. Where this is not possible a majority of 2/3rd of the members present is required for the adoption of any policy decision. Should this not be possible the status quo shall prevail.
5.10 The Constitution of FEU shall be altered only by the General Council's decision. In this case a special General Council meeting where 2/3rd of the members are present is required. A majority of 2/3rd of the members present is required for the alteration of the constitution.
5.11 The Organisational structure and the Standing Orders of the FEU will be agreed by the General Council.

6.1 The Council of FEU may accept as honorary delegates persons who have notably served the FEU
6.2 Honorary delegates are exempt from membership fees.
6.3 Honorary delegates are entitled to take part in all activities of the FEU as advisors.

In the case of disputes over the application or interpretation of the constitution the German language text shall prevail. For any case not regulated by this Constitution, the law of 21 April 1928 about non-profit associations and foundations in its actual version has to be considered.

In case of termination of the Federation the assets will fall to an organization with the same or similar aims and objectives as the FEU.

Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations