At the end of last week, the second meeting of the EU capital FRS was held in Zagreb, Croatia.

Conference was organised by Firefighters Association of the City of Zagreb and Zagreb Fire Brigade.

With this conference they want to continue the great work initiated last year in Paris. All activities are carefully planned, coordinated and supported by the commander of the Paris Fire Brigade.

Conference was this time entitled “European capitals: common challenges – firefighters far beyond firefighting”. The purpose of this conference was to continue with sharing experience and solutions in everyday challenges firefighters and emergency services has to cope with.

Guiding idea is that EU capitals cope the same risks and threats as they are the political, economic and cultural center of each of our countries. Therefore, the fire and emergency services issues are very similar and for that reason we put accent on common challenges and common solutions to better protect the life of our citizens.

Conference was attended by representatives of 16 cities.

FEU was invited to present at this meeting. For this purpose Tomaž Kučič, Ljubljana Fire Brigade CFO, who attended the conference, gave a presentation on FEU. He gave an information about FEU organization, FEU values, Vision 2020, Challenges for the future. He exposed a motto – Together we are stronger, because only in this way we will ensure »A safer Europe for all«.

At the end Croatian colleagues were kindly invited to next FEU Council meeting in Greece. They promised to come!

Tomaz Kucic

Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations