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The main venue will be Brussels with 4 days on specific topics gathering stakeholders from the fire industry to fire prevention experts: 
  • on Monday 18/11: community fire safety
  • on Tuesday 19/11: building fire safety
  • on Wednesday 20/11: fire safety and energy transition
  • on Thursday 21/11: smoke and furniture fire safety
The EUFSW is coordinated by the EuroFSA (European Fire Safety Alliance: an alliance of independent experts in fire safety and is chaired by Elie Van Strien and vice-chaired by Krzysztof Biskup: you all know Elie and Krzysztof as former FEU delegates.)
FEU fully endorses this EUFSW and it that sense I would like you to participate or at least send someone form your country of service at one or more of these events.
The EUFSW will be opened with a plenary meeting on Monday hosted by MEP Pernille Weiss (DK) and MEP Esther de Lange (NL) will cohost it. 
On the other hand MEP Esther De Lange (NL) will host the 3 days exhibition at the EP and MEP Pernille Weiss (DK) will cohost it.
Look forward for your commitment and participation.
Chris Addiers
UPDATE 03.11.2019 @ 17:45
You can download PRESS RELEASE PDF HERE.
Gasper Bizjak on behalf of Chris Addiers

Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations