Our second conference in 2019 has just started. With the opening address by our president Chris Addiers held in Danish Parliamen, we are looking forward to the beginning of the new FEU era in the European Union. More information will follow.


DAY 1: 14.11.2019

09:00 - Opening address, role calls, internal business

09:45 - Latvia became a full FEU member with no votes against

09:50 - CFPA Europe presentation has started by Chair Jesper Ditlev. More about CFPA:

11:00 - Internal discussions 

13:00 - BFiresafe @ School Project Presentation by Finian Joyce. More on:

13:55 - Gerard Van Klaveren on Sustainable volunteering.

14:10 - European Fire Safety Week by Chris Addiers

14:45 - Origins of the FEU. By Seamus Murphy.

15:30 - Forecasting the END. Preparedness in an uncertain world, where the cold war again is a warm topic by Carsten Iversen (DB)

16:40 - Jacob Vedsted Andersen on working time directive


DAY 2: 15.11.2019 - LIVE FEED

 9:00 - Global Significant Fire Research Needs and Funding by Patrick Van Hees, Lund - Sweden. Download presentation here.

10:00 - Smart Cities & Smart Fire Services by: Bert Brugghemans

11:00 - Frank Maertens on Automatic drone activitation by 112

11:15 - Internal discussions

11:45 - Interschutz 2020, by Martin Folkerts

13:00 - Stephan Wevers on ODLP Project

13:10 - Marianne Heijndijk on Concept of the ODLP-programme

14:00 - Internal discussions, next meeting in Turku



- 5th International Safety Education Seminar - REACHING OUT, HOW TO INVOLVE PEOPLE IN FIRE SAFETY: Tune in: 



Gasper Bizak

Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations