Crisis Management professionals invited to the DRIVER+ Advanced Crisis Management Conference in Brussels from February 19-20, 2020


·      Crisis management practitioners, researchers, policymakers and solutions providers with an interest in innovation are invited to attend the international emergency management conference of the EU-funded DRIVER+ project at the BluePoint conference centre in Brussels on February 19-20, 2020. Registration to the event is required and free of charge. 


·      Catastrophic Australian bushfires and global climate change trends highlight the need for innovative crisis management solutions and close multinational cooperation - both aspects are at the core of the DRIVER+ project.


DRIVER+ Background information

DRIVER+ is an EU-funded project tasked with promoting and testing new, science-based improvements in crisis management to improve response to climate-change related threats such as wildfires and flooding, as well as other threats such as industrial accidents and terrorism.


Read more in the attached press release - open/download it here.



Gasper Bizjak on behalf of Chris Addiers

Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations