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14.11.2018 - EU Parliament makes public warning mandatory [more]
10.09.2018 - Drones & Public Safety Summit [more]
19.05.2018 - FEU 01 /2018 in Rome [more]
08.11.2017 - FEU Conference, 08.11-11.11.17 in Athens [more]
17.05.2017 - FEU Conference, 17.05-19.05.17 in Oslo [more]
12.05.2017 - 2nd Conference of the Heads of Fire and Emergency [more]
05.10.2016 - FEU Council meeting 02/2016 from 13th to 15th October [more]

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This FEU strategy, also directly contributes to the strategy “Towards a stronger European Disaster Response”... Read more: online publication | pdf



Emergency Management in Social Media Generation with the goal to Enhance the safety and security of citizens before, during and after emergencies | read more



Comparative analysis of the methods in use. This should lead to a concept for all EU-Firebrigades for the installation... Read more



Twelve European fire service organizations from seven different countries have worked together in developing a single description... Read more


In collaboration with: EENA 112 CTIF PSCE

1.7.2016 - FEU Conference in Barcelona - Summary

We have gathered in Barcelona for our first official FEU meeting in 2016. Delegates from all over the Europe are hosted by Barcelona Bombers at Espai Bomber organised together with ATPB (Asociacion Profesional de Tecnicos de Bomberos).

Our first day was dedicated to internal topics, followed by open discussion about sharing best practice, use cases and knowledge through the FEU online platform and social media channels. Afterwards we have digged into the results and current status of the EmerGent project, where FEU plays an important role. Following program included presentation of potential use of Drones during the emergencies and presentation of the system where emergency text message using common alerting protocol (CAP) is transformed into the voice message.

Our second day was dedicated to presentation and discussion about the recent attack in Brussels, followed by Catalunya FB and Barcelona FB presentations.

More to follow.




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Author: Gasper Bizjak

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